Hotmarket trading platform anniversary(HM交易市场周年庆)

Dear ladies and gentlemen: January 20, 2021, the 5th anniversary of the Hotmarket trading platform is ushered in. The company will celebrate the 5th anniversary and give back to customers from today!

From January 20 to January 27, 2021, you will enjoy the recharge and distribution of a total of 1 million US dollars in bonus activities. (Activity bonus can be withdrawn)

details of the event:

Recharge 1000 USD and get 20% bonus;

Recharge 2,000 USD and get a 30% bonus;

Recharge 5000 USD and get 50% bonus;

Recharge 10,000 USD or more and get 100% bonus.

Special reminder: The activity is valid from 2021.01.20 00:00 to 2021.01.27 00:00. If you want to get the bonus, please reply to the customer service to apply for registration. The time of successful recharge shall prevail. Due to the limited bonus of the event, the gift of 1 million US dollars will last while stocks last, first come first served, and the gift event will be cancelled when the 1 million dollar gift is finished!

HM trading platform thank you for your company all the way, thank you for your continued support. All the staff wish you a happy life!

尊敬的女士们先生们:2021.01.20 又迎来Hotmarket交易平台5周年纪念日。公司将在今日起举办欢庆5周年回馈客户活动!







特别提示:活动有效时间2021.01.20 00:00至2021.01.27 00:00 想要获得礼金,请回复客服申请报名,以充值成功时间为准。由于活动礼金有限,100万美金送完即止,先到先得,100万美金赠送完即取消赠送活动!